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It stood out as the concrete symbol of the Hindu Welfare State.

It served as the town-hall where public assemblies could be held, the headquarters of the local government, the registry of documents of public importance, the lecture-hall, the stage, the court-hall during the visits of kings, the school, the college, the forum for academic and philosophical discussions by learned men, the library, the art-gallery, the social club, the licensing authority for dramatic performances, the dispensary, the patron of hostels and hospitals, the source of a certain amount of free or cheap food to the poor section of the community, and much more besides.

Provision was made in many temples for the study of different subjects and exposition of sacred texts in the Vyaakhyaanamantapa. Fergusson, in the last century, naturally biased in favour of Greek art, was still obliged to entertain what would be in Europe regarded as an almost blasphemous thought-to rank the temples at Belur and Halebid as equaling in their own way the Parthenon of Greece. Today we have marvels of artistic achievement scattered all over India. At Srirangam, we have an inscription about the citizens taking away the management of the temple from certain temple servants who had been misusing their authority and entrusting it to others.

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The Ulagalandaperumal temple at Kanchipuram testifies to 48000 residents of the city undertaking to supervise the management of the temple according to custom and usage. These may make for spiritual edification, but the spirit will be even more thoroughly satisfied by the many ways in which the temple helps fulfillment.

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