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04-Aug-2017 01:47

Biden also addressed the issue I raised in my article I wrote yesterday in which Putin can strangle gas shipments to Europe.

Acting on behalf of the White House, Biden also said the US would help Baltic states diversify their energy sources.

Reuters is also reporting that the Vice-President met in Warsaw with Estonian President Toomas Hendrik.

Clearly, the Kokorev account is being validated by Biden as he stated yesterday that the US “is committed to NATO’S pledge to help member states if military action is taken against them”.

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As I have stated all along, World War III will begin, but not end in Syria.

The United States, in an attempt to prolong the life of the Petrodollar needs to first invade Syria and then Iran to take control of payment obligations when it comes to Middle Eastern oil.

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Here is the Kokorev map of Russian military intentions. In fact the publication even published Kokorev’s Facebook page photo, despite his account disappearing.It’s free to join and you will gain access to half a million Russian personals.

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