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03-Nov-2017 20:33

She said that they pulled a gun on her and took her stuff, then wanted to sleep with her.

'She lied and told them she was an HIV patient and to please leave her alone.'Her pastor picked her up from the hospital where she sought treatment and brought her home. She's been with my church for 10 years.' The victim, who lives in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, said she is nervous about returning to the Queens church she has attended four days a week for the past decade.'I'm very worried,' she said.

A married mother-of-two leaving church after praying was robbed and sexually assaulted at gunpoint by five young men in Queens, police say.

The 50-year-old woman had just left Celestial Church of Christ on Tuesday evening, just after 11pm, when she was approached by two young men on 150th Street as she walked to the Jamaica subway station. "'They two men called over three other guys nearby to join them before they forced her to strip naked in the street and demanded she perform oral sex on them.

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A New Jersey doctor accused of having his wife killed to protect an illegal prescription drug ring he was running with an outlaw biker gang has been moved to a different jail nearly 100 miles away due to an alleged plot by a co-defendant to kill him.

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