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In (5), we see that there is a parallel between curing other diseases and curing a toothache.

I would note that in the New Testament, mention is made of Jesus healing lepers (as well as reference to Elisha doing the same).

On Rosh Hashanah we calculate the date of the new calendar year, based on the number of years since the creation of Adam (currently 5769).4) The fifteenth of Shevat, the eleventh month of the year, is the new year for trees, when the sap starts running and life begins its slow return.

סגולה לכאב שיניים לומר לחש זה מול הירח ג` פעמים ":אליהו זכור לטוב היה מהלך בדרך ופגע בו איש אחד ואמר לו רבי יש לי כאב שיניים והשיב לו כשם שריפא הקב"ה את נעמן מצרעתו , כן ירפא הקב"ה אותך מחולי הנקרא כאב שיניים, To translate: A segulah for a toothache, to say this incantation three times under the moon.

1) The first of Nissan, the month in which Passover is celebrated, is regarded as the new year for months.

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This brings me to the second segulah, via Hirhurim, which is either simply saying kiddush levana or saying something specific in Kiddush Levana.

Thus, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, in Igros Kodesh, mentions that kiddush levana is a segulah for the teeth.

"Eliyahu, zachur latov, was walking on the road, and a man met him and said to him, "my master, I have a toothache.

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And he responded to him: Just as Hashem cured Naaman from his leprosy, so shall Hashem cure you from the sickness called toothache." This is somewhat mystifying.The threefold repetition in the segulah is because it is indeed a superstitious and forbidden magical incantation.

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In (5), we see that there is a parallel between curing other diseases and curing a toothache.… continue reading »

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