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Father-in-law's clock that was his grandmother's My father in law is 70 years old, and he acquired this clock when his grandmother died at over 80 years of age, but we would like to know it's history … The actual auctioneer was competing with me, but I won the clock. Looking for information on this cute little clock This clock was in my Mother's basement for many years and discovered after she passed away. Stone on the British Queen I have a clock that has a plate that states it was presented to Mr. As I am researching, I see that all the other clocks of this type might have been spray painted because the beautiful pink stone that is within the crown …

Found two Clock Jacks for cooking on a fireplace hearth. On the back is stamped The Sessions Clock Company, Forestville, … Hello, I need a lot of help in identifying this antique clock I have. ) Telechron Digitel 8138-6 Anolog clock that looks digital. Antique blue and white ceramic 8 sided clock I have a ceramic or porcelin 8 sided blue and white wall clock. Anyone know the history or maker of this clock We have this clock.don't know it origin or maker. If that is what they are, they are between the earth shapes up …

There are so many styles and types of clocks, made by so many clock makers and from so many countries, that I was totally lost. I’m still a long way from knowing everything though.

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Good examples of this are The Seth Thomas Clock Company, Ansonia, E. Some of these styles are banjo, OOG, black mantel, beehive, steeple, lantern, iron, cottage, and many more. Banjo Wall Clock A Clock company in Lafayette CA took this clock apart and told me it is signed inside by the Derry Mfg. Antique table clock was 100 years old 33 years ago We were given this table clock as a wedding present 33 years ago, and we were told that it was over 100 years old at that time. My Grandma's Old Waterbury Mantle Chime Clock This clock was left to me after my dad passed last year. As I don't yet have it in hand, I can't tell you anything about the works, but this is a cast metal Ansonia, marked NY so it was made after Ansonia moved …

Some people will see a clock at an antique store that would look good in a certain room of their house, and end up with it that way.

However you might end up with your special clock, you probably would like to identify, date and generally learn more about it. You can post your clock here for other visitors to see.

I have since incorporated eye contact into my "listening" routine.2. Trying to analyze my wife's troubles and offer her solutions based on logic and reason is not, she tells me, always the most helpful course of action. Maybe that skill will come in handy when we bring kids into the world someday … You do not have to be the number one fan of your husband's (or wife's) hobbies and interests to be a loving and supportive partner. Marriage is going to last the rest of our lives, during which, I'm positive, I will pick up other weird hobbies that will take up my Thursday nights.

Apparently this isn't necessarily what she's looking for when she comes home upset over a particularly frustrating day of wiping kid-vomit from her shoes (no, she's not a carnival worker — she's a child behavior therapist). Arguments should be less about who's "right" and "wrong," and more about how our actions make the other person feel. My wife can be honest with me about the improvisational hardcore band I play with from time to time. Can you imagine the pressure I'd put on her if she had to be at every show for me to feel loved?If these visitors have knowledge of your clock, they can post comments about it here.