Fw updating please do not power off

20-Dec-2017 13:41

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Please be patient, and do not attempt disconnecting and reconnecting the server before, say, five minute period.If in five minute DRAC is still dead then another attempt is warranted. And as for use in remote site without qualified personnel it makes any such Dell rack server a lemon.I would like to stress that the gravity of this situation is that for rack or standalone server like R620 After you re-connect the power cables DRAC access is not instant.Booting DRAC is a long process that last probably a couple of minutes.IPMITool is separate non-Dell software, and it looks like Dell does not provide support for it for i DRAC7 Enterprise.

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God forbid you to update just DRAC firmware, you might completely hose the box and DRAC even after shutting server down and removing cable will remain un-operational, or operational for a minute or two, after which it hangs.

So it you have a lot of identical or similar Dell servers (for example Dell enclosure with 165 blades) it has additional value as automation tool for routine operations In case you don't have personnel on a remote site this is a disaster and big SNAFU for DELL.