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Other fun scrapbooking supplies to enhance your family history scrapbook, include colored and patterned acid-free papers, stickers, a paper trimmer, templates, decorative rulers, paper punches, rubber stamps, computer clipart and fonts, and a circle or pattern cutter. When you have the option, use only the best photos for your heritage album - photos which are clear, focused, and best help to tell the "story."Select 2 or 3 colors to complement your photos.After gathering the photos and memorabilia for your heritage scrapbook, its finally time for the fun part - to sit down and create the pages. One of these may serve as a background or base page, and the others for matting photos.Be sure to leave room for titles, journaling, and embellishments.

Smaller items can be incorporated into a heritage scrapbook by placing them in clear, self-adhesive, acid-free memorabilia pockets.

Scrapbook albums are often decorated and frequently contain extensive journaling.

Scrapbooking started in the United Kingdom in the nineteenth century, but is now primarily a United States phenomenon.

At the heart of most heritage scrapbooks are the photos - pictures of your grandparent's wedding, your great-grandfather at work in the fields, a family Christmas celebration...

Begin your heritage scrapbook project by gathering together as many photographs as possible, from boxes, attics, old albums, and relatives.

The perfect place to showcase and protect your precious family photos, heirlooms, and memories, a heritage scrapbook album is wonderful way to document your family's history and create a lasting gift for future generations.