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27-Aug-2017 04:31

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To be known and not loved is our greatest fear.” After being known and not loved by my ex, a big part of me wanted to play it safe and pursue a more superficial version of love.It was an instinctual reaction to full-scale rejection: Hide the more complicated parts of yourself that are harder for someone to understand. They talk to their attorney, they find out that it’s cheaper to stay married and cheat than it is to leave her and pay her half of everything. Married men go out looking for women all of the time. A lot of the times married men stay married because they don’t want to split their pie in half.

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If that’s you, let me just say that I hope you find someone who makes you feel seen.For a while, I buried the darker parts of my story. After experiencing both types of love — loved but not known, known but not loved — I eventually concluded that the only way forward was to find someone who could do both, who could truly “get me.”Not everyone can. But I want to be simultaneously fully known and fully loved. I want my flaws and so-called flaws to be acknowledged, and I want to be loved because of them, not in spite of them. Someone can either hear about my experience with fibromyalgia and think, “Wow, that’s unfortunate,” or they can embrace me for the fragile, messy, infinitely complex human that I am.

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