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There’s a similar blend of sophisticated percussive patterns and simple melodic figures, like the descending pipe-organ motif that drives the conversational “Akwaaba”.

Elsewhere, the celebration of afros, cornrows and dreadlocks in “Hallelujah!

I know it looks like I followed my own advice, which I did.

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Both musically and lyrically, the project cleaves to that kind of silly-spooky, funfair innocence, in a way that lends the album a freakish, cartoon unity denied to some of Tare’s previous projects.

The latter is an exquisite distillation of the band’s sound, with Taylor Kirk’s sombre baritone and an eerie soundscape of guitar, mellotron and chimes recalling both Tindersticks and Calexico.

The cinematic Calexico feel continues on the Western nobility of “Bring Me Simple Men”, while the stolid groove, Farfisa organ and declamatory guitar of “Curtains?! A bleak but alluring album, its mood is best conveyed by a line from “The Low Commotion”: “What does it mean to face desire so sadly? **** (Crammed Discs) A duo comprising Swiss-Ghanaian singer/musician Joy Frempong and drummer/producer Llelujah-Ha, Oy’s crossover Afro-electro style is akin to that of the Sudanese/American performer Sinkane.

Those urges naturally burst out in “A Sender”, where whooshing synth noises herald a bustling, pumping groove swathed in vibrato guitar and Tare’s garbled vocal lines, one running “and the spirit’s still inside you” while another warns “you’re going to die”.

But reflecting the album’s corny horror-movie theme, it’s essentially a fantasy, done with fun foremost.Update: The April 25 show at U Street Music Hall has been canceled. A bout of strep throat struck the following year, resulting in the postponement of seven concert dates in March.

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